Diversity of Decisions – Adding Quality in all Situations (webinar), 10 May 2016


Speaker: Dr. Mark Seidler, SDG – Düsseldorf

Moderator: Ritske van der Meer, EDPN and SDG – Düsseldorf

We invite professionals who frequently find themselves in various decision support situations in their daily jobs and wonder how to bring value in each of those situations without using all tools, tips and tricks every time all the time.

Our speaker will present a classification of different decision situations driving different approaches. He will introduce Decision Quality and show how this can be effectively applied in different situations without overkill.

We will discuss three different questions:
• What is a decision?
• What are the different types of decisions?
• How to add quality in each situation?

Please join us and share your thoughts about decision making and how to add quality in all sorts of decision situations.

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