Dynamics in de Boardroom – Improving top team effectiveness through systematic reflection


Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Faculty Club
June 13 2017, 14.00-20.00 (incl dinner)

The quality of decision making in board room and top management teams are key to the success of your organization. The decisions made determine the direction and development, growth or decay of the organization. Governance more and more therefore is focused on the quality of top teams. Composition, leadership, communication and conflict management all determine this quality. Teams however all develop. Hopefully towards a true top team: with shared mental models resulting in high quality decisions and implementation of these. The ‘soft’ side is really the ‘hard’ part in decision making: how to develop an open and learning climate? How to grow towards a high performing team? How to use conflicts constructively, build trust, prevent group think in the board room?


In this seminar we focus on group dynamics and the underlying psychological processes. Furthermore, we explore together to what extent and what ways different methods can help teams to grow in maturity, and what methods can help to improve quality of decision making.

Experts Martin Euwema and Henk van der Tas present an overview of the state of art in academic research related to conflicts in (top) teams, decision making, and performance of these teams.

This is followed by interactive presentations of recent models on leadership and team development, and of a systematic method to support such team development. Next we will explore in what ways technological tools can facilitate the ‘soft’ processes in top teams.

Decision support professionals Erik-Jan Uleman from Shell and Kuno Huisman from ASML will present cases of their top teams’ decision making challenges, and the role they can and want to play from the decision professional perspective.

Prof.dr. Martin C Euwema, chair research group Occupational & Organisational Psychology and Professional Learning, KU Leuven.

Prof.dr. Tijs Besieux, managing director Leuven Center for Collaborative Management, KU Leuven.

Dr. Henk Van der Tas, CEO Beteor, organizational consultancy (Eindhoven).

Erik Jan Uleman, Functional Improvement Manager Economic Excellence at Shell.

Prof.dr. Kuno Huisman, director and head of business change support and decision support at ASML and full professor of decision making under uncertainty at Tilburg University.

Participation is open for all interested, especially for members of the EDPN network. Participants should register in person their interest via email to jac.goorden@edpn.org, and will receive a confirmation invitation for personal attendance.

All program contributors provide their contribution as experts without costs. The participation fee is hence limited to €100,=, to cover for the catering and venue, payable directly to the host facility KU Leuven.

Please register quickly, since the program’s attendance is limited to 25 participants. If you cannot attend or you know someone who benefits more, feel free to forward this announcement to them.

For more information on EDPN, please check www.edpn.org, or join our LinkedIn group! Looking forward to meeting you at this seminar!

On behalf of the organizers and the EDPN network,

Martin Euwema                                                 Jac Goorden

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