The European Decision Professionals Network (EDPN) provides a platform for Decision Professionals in both business and government who aim to promote high quality decision making within their own or their clients’ organisations. EDPN is the first European network with a focus on decision making and the practical applications of Decision Analysis methodologies and the Decision Quality concept.  EDPN is an informal network of decision experts, which cooperates with other bodies of professionals, but is independent from them. In addition to its LinkedIn group, the network is now organising its first conference.

Why do we need a European Decision Professionals Network?

The value of the actual usage of the Decision Analysis (DA) methodology is increasingly being recognised, and the number of decision processes that address Decision Quality (DQ) in some form or other is rising. A strong network of Decision Professionals can nurture, strengthen and improve the adoption of the methodology – creating value within their organisations, or for their clients.


EDPN Vision

The success of an organisation is driven by the quality of the decisions it makes. Making high-quality decisions is both a science and an art. It requires the effective blending of analytical capabilities and tools, organisational structures, efficient processes, and a supportive culture. Decision Professionals play a key role in all these areas. Decision Professionals should be the trusted advisors of choice for Decision Makers facing uncertain and complex strategic decisions. It is the Decision Professional’s role to guide and support Decision Makers in making high-quality decisions.


EDPN Mission

To engage European Decision Professionals in promoting high-quality decision making within their organisations or for their clients, enabling them to become trusted advisors of choice for Decision Makers by adopting and improving Decision Analysis and Decision Quality methodologies.


EDPN Objectives

The European Decision Professionals Network is a network organisation created by and for Decision Professionals in Europe. It aims to improve strategic decision-making quality in the organisations the EDPN members serve. Its unique position is the focus on holistic organisational decision making covering the full range of disciplines, including operations research, business intelligence, strategy consulting, organisational change management, and cognitive science. The main domains are high tech, oil & gas, and life sciences.

The goal is to provide a platform for Decision Professionals and their organisations to exchange practical experiences, knowledge and latest insights in the area of Decision Analysis, with a view to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of decision-making processes within these organisations, with the potential benefit of the emergence of new and innovative Decision Analysis methodologies and practices.

EDPN aims to explore these fields, enabling its participants to advance their capabilities by learning from others. It will do this by recognising and referring to the existing literature and forums, facilitating the exchange of practices and methodologies, and stimulating discussions, where relevant, as well as possibly venturing into new territory.