London Decision Quality Conference 2018



Decision Quality: Making Good Outcomes More Likely

The first ever London Decision Quality conference was held on the 5th & 6th November 2018 at the Geological Society. The event was jointly organised by the Society of Decision Professionals, the European Decision Professionals Network and the London Decision Quality Group and attracted 120 attendees from a wide range of countries and companies.

The conference was designed around the 6 Decision Quality elements and followed by a SDP sponsored course on “Leading Decision Quality”.

Key highlights from the conference:

  • Leading DA practitioners, Carl Spetzler, Ellen Coopersmith and Reidar Bratvold, explained the origins and the importance of DQ; why we need to be clear about the goals; and how to choose between which tools we should use.
  • Insights on how companies are using and embedding DQ concepts came from Jim Weatherall (AstraZeneca), Russell Smith & Colin McGill (BP), Ray Riddoch & Craig Paveley (CNOOC Nexen), Jeremy Brann (Shell) and John Chaplin (ExxonMobil retired).
  • Cath Bishop led an interactive session drawing on her experiences as an Olympic Rower, former diplomat and leadership consultant to demonstrate how our mindset, assumptions and biases affect how we frame a problem.
  • Understanding how cognitive biases corrupt thinking and decision making and how to mitigate their effects was the theme of a workshop run by Dominic Brittain using the experience he learnt over 30 years’ experience in bomb disposal.
  • A Software Roadshow, with stands from Aucerna, DecisionFrameworks, Palisade and Syncopation allowed attendees to see the benefits of using different package.
  • Finally the conference gave the attendees a chance to practice what they had heard on real problems from 4 start-ups (Clustermarket, Trozon, Dynium and Grazer).
Participants’ feedback was this was one of the best designed conferences they had attended. In particular they appreciated having company leaders present and the focus on solving real world problems.  



The next European Decision Quality conference is being planned for the Autumn 2020, for more information please visit the EDPN website ( or email

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